Thursday, April 17, 2014

Book Review; e: the Story of a Number

e: the Story of a Number is a book about the number e. Each chapter is a new time period in which e is found or used.

My favorite chapter talked about the "forefather of Calculus. They talked about Leibniz and Newton and how they contributed to calculus and logarithms.What I found was the most surprising is that they said it wasn't Leibniz or Newton who invented calculus. It goes back to the Greeks and Archimedes.

Another chapter that I found interesting was a chapter dedicated to Newton and everything that he discovered. I knew that he discovered a lot but this put all of that into perspective. He worked a lot with Pascal's Triangle and logarithms that we use a lot. Along with all of the calculus too.

Overall, I thought this was a good book. Very interesting. There was a lot of history that was cool to read about. I also thought it was cool that e wasn't "discovered" til later in history but it was used a long time ago. It is everywhere. I would recommend this book to math and science people. Definitely an interesting read.

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